Personal profile

I’m Peiran Wang. Before that, I was doing research about AI security under the supervision of Prof. Beibei Li. Meanwhile I am pursuing bachelor degree of Cyberspace Security(2018-2022) in Sichuan University as a member of Excellent Cyberspace Security Students Class.


[01/01/2022] Happy new year!

[10/12/2021] My Google Scholar is online now!

[09/06/2021] My paper ISCC’2021 is awarded as “Best Paper” in ISCC’2021!

[30/08/2021] My paper is accepted by GlobeCom’ 2021!

[20/08/2021] My paper ISCC’2021 is accepted by ISCC’2021!

Research Interest

  • AI Security/Federated Learning/AI Poisoning Attack
  • System Security/AI System/Blockchain System/Distributed System
  • Software Analysis/Software Security/Fuzzing

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